What we do

C-Sky helps its clients to improve marketing and build brands, brands that will achieve higher profitability and long term growth.

Making brands matter in our client’s organization and within the target group starts first and foremost with an in-depth understanding of the target group and their true reasons for choosing a brand. The stronger the relationship you create between the brand and the consumers, the higher the preference and profitability you will achieve. To build brands that matter is not only about consumer relevance. It also means integrating the brand in every strategy and tactic – to implement the brand strategy in all consumer touch points in order to create profitability and drive sales.

C-Sky achieves all this by applying different marketing and sales processes and tools by the way we work as marketers:

It is the combination of marketing and sales that makes all our work so powerful

What we believe in - Marketing management

Create brands that engage and mean something to the consumers is what makes companies grow with a profit. Although, it is one of the most difficult challenges.

C-Sky helps companies and brands achieve profitable growth by providing them with 4 perspectives to reach their business goals. Based on what we have learnt about consumers and our clients’ competitors on a specific market, we create marketing and brand strategies and identify the best way to implement.

Our 4 perspectives on marketing management are:

  1. From where should the company make its growth?
  2. What specific consumer insight will be the base for brand and company growth opportunity strategy?
  3. How can we make a bridge between the brand and the consumer insight in order to create growth?
  4. When do we plan to start and to achieve the set targets?

It is not only about understanding consumer insights i.e. the driving forces behind consumer behaviors and their relation to specific brands. It also demands skills to understand the economical advantage you can achieve through finding those secrets and knowledge of how you can take advantage of them in your brand and marketing plans.

Straight forward, marketing management is about understanding how you can use the consumer insight and brand equity and bring them to life through strategies that cover the consumer’s relationship with the brand and evolve the whole company and all decisions – from communication to innovation, distribution, pricing, sales and organization. This is what drives company growth faster, more efficient and with profit.

C-Sky Group´s view

C-Sky’s mission is to help our clients to improve their marketing and create brands that stimulate consumers to buy and use their products or services and to become a central part of our clients’ success stories.

To our advantage we have many years of working experience and a true developed instinct, passion and drive to fulfill our mission. This helps us to succeed in delivering exceptional results to our clients.

Our services contain several key elements in the marketing, business and brand evolution:

  1. Future growth opportunities.
  2. Consumer insights.
  3. Brand opportunities: segmentation, portfolio strategies.
  4. Marketing and brand strategies.
  5. Communication strategies.
  6. Implementation - 360 degrees
  7. Business development through interim solutions: Marketing Manager or Marketing Director.